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The Ten Commandments- What


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Adar II 27, 5782
What is the difference between the 10 commandments and other commandments? Are the 10 more important? Also is the 10 commandments the lord spoke to the multitude that everyone heard the same as the Ten Commandments in exodus 34 the covenant? Thankyou peace
There is no difference between the Ten Commandments, and the other 603 are just as important. Nevertheless, the specialness of the Ten Commandments is that they contain all 613 commandments in a concentrated form (as detailed by R. Sa'adia Gaon), and that's why they were spoken at Mt. Sinai at the Great Revelation there. In Exodus 34, the covenant refers to a new covenant based upon the previous one but with additions, as well.
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