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Dear Rabbi my question is it possible according to Judaism for a Gentile or a Non Jew who holds Anti Semitic Views or Anti Jewish Views to still believe that Judaism is the truth ? Also or the true Religion or believe in the Seven Laws of Noah I mean could a Anti Semite not be called a Noahiide or a Righteous Gentile Noahides or go to Heaven the Resurrection the Messianic Age I think I read there were Nazis that did Convert to Judaism were Converts ? I ask because there are many different levels of Anti Semitism which can be more mild or more radical or extreme, when I use the term mild Anti Semitism. I mean someone that believe Anti Semitic or Anti Jewish stereotypes conspiracy Theories about the Rothschilds Jewish Bankers the Elite the Elites which is a stereotype because not all Jews are Rich Wealthy or Powerful, there, are Poor Jews and Middle Class Jews and Working Class Jews Worldwide but still may like many other Jews or they may stil believe Israel has a right to exist as a Jewish State even if they believe there should be a Arab State or a Palestinian State a State of Palestine along side Israel based on the Pre 1967 Borders at least in principle, if the Arabs if the Arab Nations accepted Israels right to, exist as a Jewish State. I have met People in my life with Anti Semitic Views that still believe the Holocaust was wrong I mean they do not deny it happened like other Anti Semites some People their Anti Semitism is like Archie Bunker from All In, The Family a Jewish Person I knew years ago told me he thinks there is a difference between Mild Anti Semitism and Nazi or Fascist Anti Semitism which believes in, Genocide. I also ask this question because both Christianity and Islam one could say that they believe in or agree that Judaism was the truth but they both believe they came to replace Jews amd, Judaism but Anti Semitism is found among both Christians and Muslims both Christian and Muslim Religions believe they replaced the, Jewish Religion I think I read Maimonides said Christianity and Islam can prepare the Messianic Age for the coming of the Messiah in other, words I am asking can a Anti Semite love, Judaism but still be critical of certain Jews or Jews there are Jews I have met that view, Anti Zionist Jews as Jewish Anti Semites or Self Hating Jews I heard this about the Karaites the Karaite Sect or Sects. I am, also asking because in History Eisenmenger Johann Andreas was a a Anti Semite a Jew Hater or dislikes Jews or Judaism but he Converted to, Judaism to attack it thank you for your time today ? He posed as a righteous Jewish convert for 19 years. Then he wrote a 2,000-page anti-Semitic screed. HENRY ABRAMSON AUGUST 6, 2019 11:58 AM The Traditions of the Jews Paperback – November 22, 2006 by Johann A. Eisenmenger (Author), J.P. Stehelin (Editor), Michael A. Hoffman II (Introduction) A facsimile reprint of the long out-of-print 1748 classic (printed in old-fashioned type script), with a lengthy new introductory essay, Eisenmenger: Father of the European Enlightenment, by Michael A. Hoffman II. Also includes a comprehensive, annotated bibliography. In 1700, after nineteen years of study and research including with leading rabbis in Frankfurt and Amsterdam, Johann Andreas Eisenmenger, Professor of Hebrew and Aramaic at the University of Heidelberg, publishedEntdecktes Judenthum(Judaism Revealed). The entire stock of the book was almost immediately seized by order of the Holy Roman Emperor. Beginning in 1732, portions of this banned book were translated into English and published in London as The Traditions of the Jews. For the first time in more than 250 years, Independent History and Research has brought the English version of Eisenmengers suppressed masterwork, one of the rarest books in the world, back into print, in a limited edition of 2,000 copies, in a high-quality, durable paperback. "Judaism Unmasked" – Johann Andreas Eisenmenger – Berlin, 1711 Opening: $500 Sold for: $625 Including buyers premium Entdecktes Judenthum, oder Gr?ndlicher und wahrhaffter Bericht, welchergestalt die verstockte Juden die Hochheilige Dreyeinigkeit, Gott Vater, Sohn und Heiligen Geist erschrecklicher Weise l?stern [Judaism Unmasked – a thorough and true report about the horrifying manner in which the stubborn Jews blaspheme the Holy Trinity…], by Johann Andreas Eisenmenger. [Berlin], 1711 (on the title page: Ko?nigsberg). Second edition. Two parts in one volume. German, Hebrew and some Arabic. Johann Andreas Eisenmenger (1654-1704), a German orientalist and professor of Semitic languages, had a formative influence on modern antisemitism. Eisenmenger studied the Bible, the Talmud and rabbinical writings and met with Jewish scholars and rabbis, seeking evidence proving that Judaism was immoral and promoted hatred towards Christians. During his studies, for some 19 years, he professed to be interested in converting to Judaism; in 1694 he even printed the Hebrew Bible in Frankfurt and was granted the approbation of Rabbi David Gruenhut (R. Gruenhut wrote an introduction to the Bible, describing Eisenmenger as an "exalted scholar"). Entdecktes Judenthum – "Judaism Unmasked" – is an extensive study directed against Judaism, written in what seems to be a reliable scientific manner. It is considered to this day a classic of modern antisemitism and was dubbed "an encyclopedia of Jew hatred" by historian Simon Dubnow. This is the second edition, printed clandestinely in violation of an injunction against the book, seven years after the authors death. In order to avoid prosecution, a false imprint was given, with the city of K?nigsberg, which was outside the jurisdiction of Emperor Joseph I, as place of printing. [20], 1016, [1]; [3], 1111, [1] pp, 21 cm. Good condition. Stains and minor blemishes. Ownership inscriptions on front endpapers. Vellum-covered binding, worn and damaged. Religion Encyclopedias almanacs transcripts and maps Eisenmenger, Johann Andreas° Eisenmenger, Johann Andreas° Views 3,403,223 Updated EISENMENGER, JOHANN ANDREAS° EISENMENGER, JOHANN ANDREAS ° (1654–1704), author of a work which had a formative influence on modern antisemitic polemics. Eisenmenger, born in Mannheim, studied Hebrew while at Heidelberg University. During a visit to Amsterdam in 1680–81 he was shocked when three Christians adopted Judaism, and also by the criticism of Christianity expressed by David *Lida, rabbi of the Ashkenazi community in Amsterdam. Eisenmenger therefore set out to examine Jewish writings to find material that would deter Christians from turning to Judaism. For 19 years he studied talmudic and midrashic literature with Jews, pretending that he wished to become a proselyte. Johann Andreas Eisenmenger Johann Andreas Eisenmenger (1654 in Mannheim – December 20, 1704 in Heidelberg) was a German Orientalist from the Electorate of the Palatinate, now best known as the author of Entdecktes Judenthum (Judaism Unmasked). Studies of rabbinical literature The son of an official in the service of the Elector of the Palatinate Charles I Louis (who had, in 1673, offered Spinoza a chair in philosophy at Heidelberg), Eisenmenger received a good education, despite the early loss of his father to plague when he was 12 years old. He distinguished himself at the Collegium Sapientiae at Heidelberg by his zeal for Hebrew studies and Semitic languages. He eventually mastered Hebrew, Arabic and Aramaic. He was sent by the Elector to England and Holland to pursue his studies there. He studied rabbinical literature with Jewish assistance for some 19 years both at Heidelberg and Frankfurt, under the pretense, it was rumoured,[1] of wishing to convert to Judaism.[2][3] In Holland he established amicable relations with figures like Rabbi David ben Aryeh Leib of Lida,[4] formerly of Lithuania, and then head of the Ashkenazi community in Amsterdam. An intended sojourn in Palestine was interrupted by the death of his sponsor in 1680, who died in August of that year. Later scholars cite two episodes during his sojourn in Amsterdam, which may or may not be apocryphal, to account for the formation of his anti-Judaic outlook. It is said that he was a witness, in 1681, to "otherwise unknown" attacks against Christianity by a senior rabbi there, identified as David Lida,[2] and that he grew indignant on finding that three Christians he met had had themselves circumcised and converted to Judaism.[2][5] Anti-Christian polemics were, uniquely to Europe, published in Amsterdam and Eisenmengers anger was aroused when Lida quoted Rabbi Isaiah ben Abraham Horowitz to the effect that the archangel Samael, king of the devils, was a celestial representation of Christians.[6] EISENMENGER, JOHANN ANDREAS: By: Gotthard Deutsch Table of Contents Studies Rabbinical Literature. His "Entdecktes Judenthum." Studies Rabbinical Literature. Anti-Jewish author; born in Mannheim 1654; died in Heidelberg Dec. 20, 1704. The son of an official in the service of the Elector of the Palatinate, Eisenmenger received a good education, and distinguishing himself at the Collegium Sapienti? at Heidelberg by his zeal for Hebrew studies, he was sent by the elector to England and Holland to continue them there. In Amsterdam he met three Christians who had been converted to Judaism, and this filled him with indignation. As a further cause of his hatred of Judaism, he claims the otherwise unknown attacks against Christianity which he heard from the mouth of David Lida, then (1681) rabbi of Amsterdam. For nineteen years he studied rabbinical literature assisted by Jews, first in Heidelberg and afterward in Frankfort-on-the-Main, pretending that he desired to be converted to Judaism. Johann Andreas Eisenmenger and the Talmud Lecture by Dr. Henry Abramson 5,396 views Jan 30, 2014 98 DISLIKE SHARE SAVE Henry Abramson 55.5K subscribers Posing as a would-be convert to Judaism, Johann Andreas Eisenmenger studied Rabbinic literature for 19 years before publishing a massive two-volume denunciation of the Talmud called "Judaism Revealed" in 1711. His defamation of Jews and Judaism has been the foundation of much antisemitic diatribe for the last three centuries.
Theoretically, an anti-Semite may admit to the truth of Judaism, simply because it really is true, but nevertheless, be an anti-Semite based upon his upbringing and hatefulness. A Noachide is one who accepts that the Torah was given to Israel at Sinai, where it says that the Jews are the eternally Chosen People. Accordingly, it's hard to believe that an anti-Semite could be a Noachide. I'm familiar with many children and descendants of Nazis who converted to Judaism, but not the parents themselves. Regarding who goes to Heaven, let's let God decide. All the best & may peace be with you!
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