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Jerusalem Day


Rabbi Daniel Kirsch

Adar I 27, 5782
I understand that when Jerusalem Day occurs on Sunday as it does this year, the special tefilot for Jerusalem Day are said on that Sunday. Regarding Maariv at Motzoei Shabbat on Jerusalem Day, would it be correct to say that one starts maariv with hodoo and the chapters from kaballat shabbat? Or is it more like when a holiday falls out on shabbat that we would not add these chapters from Tehillim. If we do recite these chapters, is there any reason not to recite them during bein hashmoshot on shabbat going into motzoei shabbat? Thanks.
Thank you for your question. Maariv at Motzoei Shabbat on Jerusalem Day is just like every other Jerusalem Day. for details about the Davening on Jerusalem Day see here: (see letter ה where they discuss the night of Jerusalem Day). I think that if there is not a very important reason to say them before motzoei shabbat then it’s not recommended (see mishna berura, 293, 9). All the best!
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