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Rabbi Ari Shvat

Adar I 16, 5782
nothing is showing up when I search for what you said to search for with Aryeh Kaplans name. Which article by him were you talking about? thanks
Unfortunately I couldn't find it via Google, nor in the books of Rav Kaplan which I own. If it's really important, I suggest contacting Yeshivat Esh HaTorah, where they may know. In short, his approach is sort of opposite to the common approach. Don't try and get this guy to feel sorry for the Jewish People, because that's exactly his problem: he doesn't care about us. But to the contrary, explain that he (!) is the one who is missing out by not having Jewish children. Explain the importance of the Jewish People, who brought monotheism and morality to the world, etc. etc. (see also here ). He was fortunate enough to be born Jewish, and should at least check out what he will lose by severing his ties with us. We love each and every Jew, but the truth is, we managed fine before this guy, and will manage fine without him, but he's the one missing out!
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