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קטגוריה משנית
I got a job, turns out its night shift m-f which means i will be working on the Sabbath. I prayed for Hashem to give me a job that gives me the Sabbath off, and this is what He gave me. This is not the first job i had to get fired from for not working on Sabbath or High Holy Days. So is He constantly testing me? Sure i could take a lower paying job, but thats like a 50% reduction in pay.
Shalom, Thank you for writing to us. I’m sorry to read of your struggles. It must be incredibly difficult to try to both earn a good wage, as well as keep Shabbat and the holidays. It’s very impressive to hear of your sacrifices for Shabbat. As to whether you are being tested by G-d, and why – I’m afraid that I don’t know. We don’t always understand why things go the way they do – and certainly not while still in the middle of them. Sometimes, looking back, we can understand that Hashem did certain things for our good, even though they were very difficult at the time. I hope and pray that you merit to blessed with a good income, in the merit of your sacrifices for the Shabbat. Keep your spirit up, and don’t stop praying for G-dly help. Blessings.
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