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Shmita Clarifications


Rabbi Daniel Kirsch

Shevat 21, 5782
1) If one rents a property to a gentile and the gentile is grower of food and wants to place a chicken coop in the yard, does the renter become temporary owner when taking possession of the lot? 2) Would allowing the tenant to grow in pots on concrete slabs be ok? 3) Would placing a chicken coop on the lot be an issue? 4) Mowing the lawn? You"ve heard the question before. lol ?? Thank You
Some poskim hold that the mitzva of shemita requires us to make sure that the land rests in the seventh year. According to these poskim, one may not rent his yard to a non-Jew who will use it for planting purposes. However, many poskim hold that the prohibition calls for the fields to rest from Jewish work in it, but not non-Jewish work, which would be permitted. Today, we rule in this way and therefore it is permissible if non-Jews work in the Jewish field in the seventh year (shemita). (Rav Kook in Shabbat Haaretz 1:1, kuntres acharon,1).
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