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Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Shevat 8, 5782
rfuah shlaima the fund is a limited partnership. I would be a limited partner. So effectively, I have no say in anything the fund does. The general partners of the fund are Jewish. I suspect that the overwhelming majority of the limited partners are Jewish. They are loaning money to developers in Israel. I suspect that the overwhelming majority are Jewish. I am not asking about interest because the fund does have a heter iska. I am however asking about shabbos because the in addition to receiving interest, the fund receives part of the profits on every deal. So Im wondering if this makes the fund have some type of ownership status. I have no idea whether any of the developers do real estate development on shabbos. But nobody says they do not either. Do I need to be concerned that I would be investing in something that may be benefiting from chilul shabbos? Thanks.
ב"ה Shalom First of all , thanks for wishes. I'm happy I reflected how I understood your question, because your question now takes a totally different direction which deals with shareholders in a company which possibly may do work on Shabbat. There are long discussions among the poskim on this issue, with the bottom line being that according to most poskim, being a limited partner with no say in what the fund does, does NOT make you a partner in the Chilul Shabbat, nor an owner of Chametz if the company would not sell its Chametz before Pessach. From the point of you of לפני עיוור , of causing a stumbling block you also not liable. First of all there is no certainty that there will be work on Shabbat, and even if they would work , G-d forbid, you are too far removed from any involvement. The different aspects of this question are dealt with at length in a book by Rav Eliezer Waldenberg zt"l, which is called שביתת הים in chapter 19. The book is very rare, but can be found on Hebrew Books or in the Otzar Hachachma hard disk. All the best in your business ventures.
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