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Electronic door lock


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Shevat 9, 5782
Hii, Im renting a apartment in Norway (oslo). And the entrance door to my apartment has a electronic door lock. I have to use a magnetic key to get in to my apartment, and when Im opening my door from inside my apartment to go out it makes a small peeping sound. Am I allowed to open and go out of my apartment door on shabbats? I have no other way to leave the apartment, this makes things very complicated for me.
ב"ה Shalom Shalom If we are talking about a battery powered mechanism which does not activate any other things, this minimizes the problem. Since, you have no choice for reasons of personal safety and prevention of theft to keep your door closed, you may use your magnetic key, in a way which is called in Hebrew "K'leachar Yad" , meaning you do not hold the magnetic key the way you would normally hold it, but differently, perhaps between two knuckles, or using your non-dominant hand. A preferred option if possible, if you have a reliable non- Jewish neighbor, would be to set up the time with him before Shabbat to let you in or out. However, if this is not practical you may use the first option. All the Best See: ישיב יצחק חלק י"ב, סי' ח-ט, חלק יג ט"ו, חלק לט סי' כ"ו , שו"ת במראה הבזק) חלק ז, סימן לב )
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