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Always rise up prayer


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Shevat 7, 5782
Shalom. Even when before sunrise a couple of hours before; can I recite the prayer: Always should a man rise up early...... ( In the Hebrew ofcourse ) ? By the way; as from my previous question about the Tefillin; I have been sending before for needed repairs of my Tefillin to . I recommend that company; it does everything good and treats you normally. Kol tov Chaim
Yes, even if u wake up before sunrise, you can say the morning blessings, except say Elohai Neshama and HaMa'avir Sheina without God's Name. The main thing is to say the Shema and her blessings, and the Amida around sunrise, and if need be, a little beforehand, as well. It's good to wake up early, but as above, to pray, certain prayers should be said a little later.
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