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Rabbi David Sperling

Shevat 4, 5782
please advise if you are in business selling antique and it was good but market went down and no sales. do one has to keep and stick on trying or leave or close this business how does it work
Shalom, Thank you for your question – however, I’m very sorry to have to disappoint you. Questions about business skills are best answered by those who have knowledge of business. May I suggest you turn your question to people who have studied economics. Or to successful businesspeople. There is a famous letter from the first Rabbi of Chabad (known as the Alter Rebbe) printed in his work The Tanya. In it he rebukes his chassidim for asking him questions in worldly matters, such as making a living. He writes that such knowledge is not known to us, and only prophets delt with such questions. But not Rabbis in our times. In fact, he goes on to quote a saying of our Rabbis that the knowledge of how one will make a living is information hidden to man, just as the knowledge of when the Messiah will come! I hope this answer will not disappoint you – and let me finish with a blessing that you merit to be blessed with a good living to able to serve Hashem with even greater strength and joy.
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