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rav Kook


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Shevat 7, 5782
Rav Kook feels that like the individual, mankind also has an "accumulative" effect, where we have constantly grown and gained, even if it be as a midget standing on the shoulders of a giant. ^can you say more about this and how it relates to prophecy in our generation
Even if mankind today is not on a high enough level spiritually, mankind, and most particularly the Jewish people, have gone through so many educational challenges and learnt many a lesson, and accordingly, there may be things that we merit, even if it doesn't seem so. In addition, our period of history, is clearly seeing the Jewish Nation being redeemed, whether it be for the aforementioned reason, or because of God's promise to the forefathers, or to redeem His own Name which has been defiled in exile, e.g. the Holocaust, or simply out of His love for the Jewish people. All this is explicit at the end of the last blessing in the Amida prayer, "ומביא גואל לבני בניהם, למען שמו, באהבה".
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