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Rabbi Ari Shvat

Shevat 1, 5782
They are not prophecies and dont claim to be prophets ^a lot of them seem to think they are prophets without saying/claiming it explicitly. so thus, arent they false prophets? (if they are preaching things that are against the Torah) Accordingly these "out of the body experiences", are not Ruach HaKodesh (which needs to be merited), but rather a one-time gift from our loving Father in Heaven, ^. how does one know if an out of body experience is 1)True and from Hashem 2)their imagination and thus false 3)false and from the sitra achra -what is the difference between ruach hakodesh and an NDE that is True/from Hashem? Jewish sources (like seeing a long dark tunnel with a warm appealing light at the end ^where is the source for this
If they claim to be prophets, they are false prophets. You need not spend so much time on the topic. Keep it simple, just take seriously those who don't contradict the Torah, and there's no real difference what you call it. Rav Chaim David HaLevy, former Chief Rabbi of Tel Aviv, in vol. 2 (p. 36 and on) of his "Aseh l'cha Rav" takes stage by stage the common denominators of the "life after life" accounts and shows that they all are found in rabbinic, mostly kabbalistic, sources. The long dark tunnel with the appealing light is in Zohar, Lech L'cha 81, but it's best to see the aforementioned article which compiles the sources detail by detail.
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