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Prophecy today


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Tevet 25, 5782
Is prophecy believed to be attainable in today’s day and age through spiritual refinement?
That's a big topic, but I'll just point out that Rav Kook feels that like the individual, mankind also has an "accumulative" effect, where we have constantly grown and gained, even if it be as a midget standing on the shoulders of a giant. Also, the Rambam (Guide for Perplexed 2, 45) writes that there are 11 levels of prophecy, and the first one is an idealistic and heroic act of selflessness to save others (as he proves from the Book of Judges, that when they went to war for Israel- "God was with them" in their altruism. Since the recent revival of the Israeli army, we once again have this 1st level of prophecy. Prophecy is to be "tuned-in" to God, and selflessness is an outstanding trait of God's perfection and kindness. Just like a prophet rises above time to know the future, those altruistic soldiers and pioneers rise above their menial life and needs for a greater idealistic cause, even if it means giving their life. I'll add that the fulfillment today of most of the messianic prophecies is even greater than just giving a prophecy, without see it come true. Nevertheless, Rav Kook's prize student, the Nazir, Rav David Cohen, dedicated his life to attempt to perfect the science of listening in order to attempt reviving prophecy, but apparently didn't succeed.
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