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Are the rabbis vegeterian?


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Tevet 10, 5782
why arent the greatest rabbis alive today vegetarian? or are they? (I dont know who they are, so Im not even sure who we are talking about, but it sounds like you said some of them eat meat.) So, if in todays society, we have supplements, why do they eat meat? I am just trying to figure out if Rav Kooks theory about vegetarianism is true or not, because if its True for sure, then I would definitely become a vegetarian. But if its not true, then I might not Completely cut out all meat and fish. Why didnt the other great rabbis agree with Rav Kook? How do I know how to figure out if its true or not that vegetarianism will get me to a higher spiritual level and that its the ideal diet for humans? thanks!
Rav Kook was unique among rabbis in his broadness in dealing with such large and philosophic, and future issues. Really all rabbis should be dealing with these important and idealistic topics, but unfortunately, the vast majority of such top level rabbis are so busy answering questions on the Talmud and halacha, that they don't deal with philosophy, or Tanach, mussar, hassidut, kabbala or the necessary sciences which would also aid them in their rabbinic decisions. Accordingly almost no rabbis, aside from some of the students of Rav Kook, are vegetarian today. Again, even Rav Kook, his son Rav Zvi Yehuda and most of his followers, including myself, are not yet vegetarians as mentioned before, in order to first concentrate on the more important obligations and good deeds towards humans. I suggest you do the same.
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