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Yosef’s story


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Kislev 22, 5782
why did Yosef gossip about his brothers? why did his father make him a multi-colored shirt?
Shalom, 1. Yoseph told his father about the spiritual misbehavior of his brothers, according to Rashi.. Perhaps, this way Yakov would admonish them. According to Radak, Yosef would tell his father about the mistreatment from his brothers due to brotherly rivalry. Sforno takes a different stand on this and says that since this was a time that when they were acquiring wealth with their cattle, Yosef would tell Yakov that they were mishandling the business and causing losses. 2. His father made him a Ketonet Passim, according to Sforno it was in order to give Yoseph a garment which woold make him look like the leader. All the best שבת שלום
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