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bracha on unhealthy food


Rabbi Daniel Kirsch

Kislev 18, 5782
do we make Bracha on something that is unhealthy, like food that is not healthy at all?
We do not make a bracha on food that is forbidden to eat, according to the halacha, like pig (Shulchan Aruch 196,1). However, we do make a bracha on unhealthy food like Coca-Cola and chocolate bars because it is permitted, according to halacha, to eat unhealthy food (see in Minchat Asher: part 1, chapter 135). In a case where the food is extremely unhealthy and can cause damage to the person's health, i.e, someone who suffers from severe diabetes and by eating a sweet food like a piece of cake he is getting himself into danger, simply should not say a bracha. Some poskim say that he should say a bracha because one crumb would not cause any damage. So he has to make a bracha over the crumb which is not forbidden to him (Rav Elyashiv, 'Kav V'naki': 62, but see Harav Shteinman's opinion in the approbation to the book 'Kav V'naki') . In conclusion: Yes , we do say a bracha over unhealthy food.
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