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Buying a Cookbook with non Jewish things?


Rabbi David Sperling

Kislev 13, 5782
Hi there, There is a cookbook that I would really like to buy, a Mexican cookbook and it is on a major sale. But after flipping through it I am not sure if I’m allowed to buy it since it has a few pages talking about “Mexican spirituality” and what they believe in their faith. I asked a local orthodox Rav and he said it’s ok to buy the book to use for the recipes, but he was in a hurry and not able to give a descriptive answer…and I am still feeling a bit uncomfortable to buy the book. Those few pages in the book do not make me uncomfortable, I’m just worried if a Jew is not allowed to own an object that may contain on it the way other cultures do spirituality. This is a digital cookbook, and I only want it for the amazing salsa recipes. I am able to use the digital menu to jump to the pages I’d like. Is it really ok to buy such a book? (It is only a few pages out of more than 500 that mention their spirituality) and is there a Halacha or area in Halacha that describes when a Jew May own an object that in some description is not Jewish?
Shalom, Thank you for your question. As your Rabbi answered, it is no problem to buy such a book. Whilst it is forbidden for a Jew to buy and own objects of idol worship – in this case, no one is worshipping such a book, or with such a book, or to such a book. If you feel uncomfortable with the sections about other cultures, you do not have to read them. Especially as it is a digital book – until you upon the pages you do not even really have them in your home. For all these reasons, feel free to buy the book and enjoy! Blessings.
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