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Washing before bread if exempt from challah

A few days ago i made a "bread": it has yeast in it and it rose for over an hour (if that’s relevant), but i didn’t do hafrashat challah on it because the dough only weighed 2 lb. (and i read that you don’t do hafrashat challah on less than 2 lb. 10 oz.) my question is, do i need to wash on this bread in order to eat it? as i didn’t do hafrashat challah, i wasn’t sure. thank you for your time! Dahlia P.S. another quick Q: i once heard you can’t make bread dairy- this one has butter in the dough and cheese on top, but it has a special shape (kind of like rugalech, but bigger)- is that against halacha?
Hashem Imach, I just received your question, and am anwering immediately. You are correct, that such a small amount isn’t obligated to take off challa, nevertheless, you must wash before eating the bread, and the two issues don’t affect each other. You are correct that bread should not be made dairy unless it has a special shape. With Love of Israel, Rav Ari Shvat
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