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how to do kiruv?


Rabbi David Sperling

Kislev 10, 5782
whats the best way to convince a tinok shinoshba jew that they should become torah observant?
Shalom, Thank you for your question. Wow! If we only had a perfect answer for that question, believe me, the Jewish religious world would be very happy. Unfortunately, there is no simple answer. G-d has given free will to every person, and every person is able to choose to live their life according to the Torah, or, unfortunately, not. With that in mind, and knowing that all of us are different in our temperament and “style”, there will be different paths for different people. Some will be drawn back through the warmth and welcoming of the Jewish community. Some through intellectual study. Some through emotional need. Some through the miracle of the re-birth of the State of Israel. Thank G-d, different parts of the Orthodox world each use different elements of these options. However, the main thing to keep in mind is to constantly love each and every Jew, no matter what their level of observance, or lack of it. To treat them with respect and care. Love and warmth. When we approach people in such a way, then there is chance that we will be able to be their for them when they are ready to advance on the particular path that is right for them. May we merit to see and help all the Jewish people strengthen themselves in their love of Torah and Hashem. Blessings.
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