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eating meat


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Kislev 14, 5782
is it healthier and/or spiritually "better" for someone to eat only a little meat or no meat? Can you rank the order of fish, chicken, turkey, and beef/other when answering this question? What is the Ideal amount someone should eat? thanks
There is no halacha regarding these issues. In general, one should eat as healthily as possible, which may also be subjective, so ask your doctor. Spiritually, Rav Kook writes extensively on how the world was originally vegetarian until the Flood, and how the future and ideal world will return to that stage. Whether a particular individual is ready for that stage, and can be sure it does not come at the expense of other issues, see my lecture at: and then: Fish is clearly a lower form of life than animals, so they are morally preferred, and as far as I know, doctors recommend fish as well, as healthier.
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