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The sages use the term Ymot HaMashiach [=the Days of Mashiach] referring to a “period” and process, and not one magical super-natural day, as you inferred: "right when Mashiach comes". --|where exactly are we in this process right now? the geula is for all of Israel, and all mankind, and not just for those who are already religious. ^but doesnt it say somewhere that Eliyahu HaNavi will arrive and then (Mashiah will gather in all the exiles? or does it say something totally different and I am confused) isnt there going to be Someone who gathers all the rest in? Or does everyone have to physically get there via airplane before Any type of gatherer arrives? At the end of the process, Mashiach be David will arrive (Megilla 17b). ^once he arrives, are all the jews Already living in Israel, or there are still a lot in exile and he literally gathers them all into Israel? I am still very confused about all the lost jewish souls in exile who are Very Unobservant and who have almost No Torah knowledge. Whats going to happen to them? How are they going to be saved? I am concerned. Not only do they seem at a very low level but they also seem to have no awareness that they are there. Regarding the world-to-come, all Israel has a share there, but some have a larger share than others, and the aforementioned teshuva (return to Torah) surely fixes the previous mistakes of observant and non-observant alike. ^every mistake? thanks!
1. The Talmud in Megilla 17b details that after the revival of the Land of Israel, and then the ingathering of the exiles, will be the revival of the Sanhedrin (9th, 10th, and 11th blessing in the amida). The Nation of Israel is already deep into the first 2 stages and should be preparing that Sanhedrin (there are in fact already movements to revive the Sanhedrin, most recently, the growing "Shelom Yerushalayim" movement). On the other hand, if you personally have yet to make aliya, you're a little behind and should still be concentrating on the previous stages. 2. The Talmud in Sanhedrin 98a teaches that there are 2 tracks possible for redemption: a miraculous track if (!) all of the Jews are religious- where Eliyahu and the Mashiach will supernaturally gather the exiles; or a slower natural track which uses natural means like airplanes, the Israeli army, agricultural technology, etc. which is clearly the track we are presently on, over the last century. The quicker we improve, the faster the track will be. An essential part of that personal and national improvement is to join the National revival and place your lot with your people by returning to the Holy Land which is entirely holy and also adds an enormous number of additional mitzvot every single day. I strongly suggest choosing to be part of this process and partake of the pleasure (and challenges) of Y'mot HaMashiach, and truly don't understand any religious Jew who prayed for this period, but chooses not to participate when it finally comes! Each Jew has free will and can choose to participate or not, but the way to guarantee that you and your descendants will take part, is simply by being part of the process and making Aliya to Israel. 3. Accordingly, the only ones who are surely involved in the ge'ula are those who choose not to wait for the super-natural track or the later stages. By that time, you might not be around or your children may assimilate or also choose, not to participate. Man's free will is still around to take part or not, and everyone who will be around when Mashiach comes will have had 1 grandfather who had the guts to make aliya, thus insuring the eternal existence of his family tree forever. It could and should be you! 4. Regarding the really lost souls, we (and they!) don't know who will return or not, for they also have free-will. All we can do is our best to keep them astride as part of Am Yisrael, and together with ourselves, try to get all the rest of our brothers to return to: Torah, the People and the Land Israel to be part of this historic period. You never know what will "turn them on"! 5. Every mistake is "fixable", through sincere improvement. Even when our sages teach that a particular sin has no teshuva, R. Tzadok of Lublin, the Netivot Shalom and Rav Kook explain that it's just part of the test! If one improves despite being told that "its hopeless", that's a sign that it's truly sincere with no ulterior motives.
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