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Rabbi Daniel Kirsch

Cheshvan 29, 5782
what does judaism/the Torah say about lucid dreaming? is it kosher?
Shalom uvracha, My understanding is that lucid dreaming is a type of dream where the person is aware that they are dreaming, and tries to gain control over the dream and it's details. That in itself seems to be allowable. The problem may be as to what the thoughts are in the dream; forbidden thoughts may be going against what is permitted in halacha. I will point out that my personal opinion is that we don't need to go in this direction. Our wise men did not direct us to this area of treatment. It is not mentioned in our sources and the Gedolei Yisrael didn't advise us to utilize this. We have simple strategies to take care of our problems, which include davening to Hashem and going to wise men who can give us advice in life. All the best
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