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Sidecurls and Shaving


Rabbi David Sperling

Elul 25, 5772
My beloved bashert has long peyos. If I curl them with some texturizer and pins, they curl nicely and stay curled. However, he does not always have the time for me to go through this process. When my husband curls them, wet from the shower, he rapidly winds them from the bottom up towards his temple, holds each peyah for a minute then lets it go. This usually results in what I like to call Yaacov and Esav peyos. One is nicely curled and behaved and one is wild and untamed. I have searched the Internet for the proper care and maintenance of peyos to no avail. Would you please advise on this issue? You input is greatly appreciated.
Shalom, Whilst appearances do certainly have a place in the Torah value system, neither I nor my rabbinic colleagues had hair styling as part of our rigorous Yeshiva studies. This being so, we are unable to help you. May you and your family be blessed with only good.
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