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is this kosher


Rabbi Daniel Kirsch

Cheshvan 24, 5782
is it kosher to do kinisthesiology tests (and are they even accurate?)
Shalom U'vracha, It is permitted, according to the halacha, to go to a kinesiologist. I am not qualified to comment on how effective these treatments are. There are many opinions about it's effectiveness and reliability, and you can read about it from scientists or researchers, or ask different people who are in the health field for their opinions. Sources: Some Rabbanim have written that it's forbidden or not recommended to undergo kinesiology treatments, according to the halachah. Their reasoning is that it is an unnatural treatment, and even if it does work naturally, the public sees it as something unnatural. Therefore, it is considered 'kishuf' (magic or sorcery) or as an appearance similar to 'kishuf', or is considered 'darchei haEmori' (see Rav Yitchak Meir Morgenshtein's article in Paamei Yaakov who forbids it and says that many Gedolim ruled that way including Rav Elyashiv, Rav Chaim Kanievsky, Rav Shmuel Auerbach and others. See also Teshuvot V'ahanhagot by Rav Moshe Sternbuch, Part 7 Yoreh Deah, Siman 177, pages 369-370 who quoted the Keneh Bose, who forbid it in most cases), See Ner B'Ishon Lilla, page 285 where Rav Aviner writes that it is complete nonsense and nothing about it was proven. However, many other Rabbanim hold that it's permitted (see Rav Shlomo Dovid Shur's book Harefua Ha'altenativit B'ahalcha and the list of rabbanim who do permit it. Halacha l'maase, (practically speaking), it is permitted, as Rav Asher Weiss wrote in Minchat Asher part 2 siman 128, that since kinesiology is a natural treatment, there is no prohibition on utilizing it. It is very possible that many of the poskim who were against it were told that this is an unnatural or abnormal treatment. It is likely that if they were told that everything is natural in it and without 'kishuf' they would permit it. Additionally, today it is becoming more and more an acceptable form of treatment and in some Western countries it is studied in universities and colleges. I heard that the government of Canada even licenses the practice of kinesiology. The public generally realizes and accepts that it is based on natural ways. Additionally, the minhag is that today many religious Jews do go to these type of treatments-- the Teshuvot V'hanhagot mentions this. Summary: one may utilize the services of a kinesiologist and undergo that treatment if he or she feels that it may help the relevant health problem that one suffers from. All the best
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