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hi when you say "the Vilna Gaon, in which he says that he who lacks knowledge of the sciences, will lack one hundred fold knowledge of the Torah. We therefore see that knowledge of the sciences is certainly instrumental to a greater knowledge of the Torah. " |what level is he talking about? what level of math and science does one have to learn to fulfill the Vilna Gaons concept of learning science in order to understand the torah?
ב"ה First of all, I'm sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. Usually, when there is a question waiting for me I get an email reminder. However, this time for some technical reason the notification did not come. Rabbi Baruch of Shiklov who quoted the Vilna Gaon on this issue, did not specify to what level. However, in the writings of Rav Kook zt"l in his book Eder Hayakar pg. 129, where he also quotes this saying of the Vilna Gaon,Rav Kook zt"l says that the need for knowing and understanding the sciences is a at a basic level, mainly for the purpose of using this knowledge as a tool to explain the Torah better. However, Rav Kook zt"l also wrote elsewhere (Orot HaTorah 9:6) that people have different inclinations and sometimes a person has an inner inclination for sciences and a person should follow this inclination, but of course he must also set time for Torah learning. A person excelling in these fields can contribute to mankind and also create a tremendous Kiddush Hashem. Nevertheless, as I said last time, the guidance for such questions must be on a personal level with a competent Rabbi . I'm afraid guidance over the internet, is not enough as much as I would like to help. All the best
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