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Parents Want Me to Vaccinate vs. Corona/Covid Must I Listen?


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Cheshvan 9, 5782
My parents want me to vaccinate against Corona/Covid Must I listen to them in terms of "Honor thy Parents", even if I don’t want to vaccinate?
It's true that Kibud Av v'Em ("Honoring Parents") doesn't apply to your life and decisions (e.g. whom you wish to marry, what to study, etc.), but this decision clearly affects them as well, for you may infect them by your non-vaccination! You also must halachically get vaccinated anyway, because that's clearly the opinion of the medical specialists and doctors (which halachically obligates us- we don't listen to every quack on the internet...). In short, any way you turn, you must vaccinate. To complete the picture, it's important to also please see my other response on the topic at:
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