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Can a non jew wear mezuzah pendant


Rabbi David Sperling

Cheshvan 8, 5782
I am from India and of age 20 years. I wish to become a jew and join the true faith and true path laid down by God but because of some reasons, my conversion process can only start after i start earning and atleast reach the age of 25. But i do observe some Jewish laws and definitely respect Jewish customs and religion. I want to wear something that will keep me in touch with Hashem - the true god and will protect me from evil and bring good luck. So i wanted to ask can i wear a mezuzah necklace if it does not violate any one and gives me the protection and blessing of Elohim?
Shalom, Thank you for your question. Firstly, let me wish you every success in your spiritual journey. May you love for Judaism be a guiding light for you, and may the L-rd bless you with all that is good. I am not sure exactly what a Mezzuzah necklace is. A mezuzah is a parchment that is attached to the doorpost of a Jewish house, that has words from the Torah in it. (You should not put up a mezuzah on your doorpost until you convert). There is no true religious concept of wearing a mezuzah as a necklace – and if it is a true mezuzah, then it is probably incorrect to wear it in such a fashion. But, you are probably referring to is a piece of jewelry that is shaped like a mezuzah, with (or without) some printed paper inside it which contains some holy text. This too should not be worn, as it is forbidden to enter into a bathroom with holy texts. Even if it has no text inside it, and as such is not forbidden in a bathroom, and may be worn, it has no religious or spiritual value. If you desire to wear something to remind you of your love for Israel, then you may want to wear a star of David necklace. But again, this has no religious value – it is just a secular sign that reminds one of their connection to Israel. A non-Jew may wear such a necklace. Blessings.
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