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Adding A Candle


Rabbi David Sperling

Cheshvan 8, 5782
I generally used to light 7 candles (one for each in our family), but in recent years I started to add one for the grandchildren and another for the greatgrandchildren. Then one shabbat I forgot to light, so I added another one. Last week I was at my daughters home for chag and somehow forgot to light (although my daughter and her married daughters lit there). I am already lighting 10 (!) candles; must I add another one? I should note that when I am at a hotel or visiting someone I customarily just light two candles. Please advise. Thank you.
Shalom, Thank you for your question. As you forgot to light, but someone else did in fact light in the house (your daughter), you do not have to add an extra candle in the future. Many blessings.
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