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Parasha Bereshit and Noach


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Cheshvan 8, 5782
Shalom, i have much question about parasha Noach what i still dont knlw right. 1.Who was the great grandfather of Shem? 2.Why is Shem listed as the eldest even though he was not? 3.In what way was Noachs reaction to the destruction of people different from that of Moshes? 4.What did Hashem do to ensure that wickedness as it existed before the mabul would not occur again? 5.How many nations branched out of Noach? 6.Where was Abrham’s family from? Describes the genealogy of the family describe the Family journeys. 7.Besides the inhabitants of the ark, who else survived the mabul? 8.How do we know that Noah and his family did not have intimate relationship in the ark? 9.What was mans relationship with animals? 10.Describe life span at that time? 11.How did men get their food and water before the mabul? 12.Did they believe in Hashem? In what way? 13.Name the four crimes of those generations. 14.How many mitzvos were given to Adam? 15.What did Hashem do on the Seventh Day and how does it reflect on observing Shabbat today? 16. What does the name Noah mean? 17. How many times in the history did the sun stop and not continue on its way? 18. Why were two illuminations created and not one light? Sorry for so much question
ב"ה Shalom, I think I answered most of the questions which deal with Noach for which there are explicit answers in the Torah and some others along the way. I wanted to send out my answers before the week is over. Your questions are welcome, but when the questions are focused ,it enables us to answer quicker and in more depth. Please forgive me for not getting to answer all of the them. The Torah (Bereshit 5:29) says that Noah was called that name by his father Lemech because " This one (Noach) "Yenachamenu" – (which uses the letters from Noach's name ) will bring us relief…." [16] The great grandfather of Shem was Metushelach. (Bereshit 5:25) [1] Shem is mentioned before Yefet who was older, because Shem was the righteous one. See Rashi Bereshit 5:32. [2] We see in many places that Moses prayed for even when they sinned and tried to lead them and educate them. We see no such effort on part of Noach. [3] You can find the genealogy of the generations that followed Noach and the nations which stemmed from him, their locations and how the generations lead up to Avraham. (Bereshit Chapter 10 ] [5,6] . A good suggestion is to see the "The Living Torah " by Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan zt"l. According to the Talmud (Sanhedrin 108) quoted by Rashi to Bereshit 7:22, the fish were not punished during the Mabul, so they also survived. [7] The Torah says that G-d understands that man's evil inclination is active within him from a young age. Because of that, When Noach had brought sacrifices before G-d after Mabul which found favor in His eyes, G-d decided no longer punish man in the way he did. (See Bereshit 8:21 and commentaries. [4] There is no mention of taking away man's free will to ensure that man does not stoop down to such levels as there had been at the time of Noach. However, G-d also gave the reminder of the rainbow (Bereshit 9: 13 ) perhaps also a deterrent . All the best
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