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Muktza, bracha


Rabbi Daniel Kirsch

Elul 1, 5781
If the parochet from the Aron kodesh falls on shabbat isnt assur to set it back up? So is the parochet muktza because you can’t set it back up? Which type of muktze? Also, What is the bracha that u make when u see a big Talmid chacham and what constitutes a Talmid chacham about whom we can make this bracha? Thanks!
Shalom U'vracha, 1. There is no problem in putting it back up as long as it is not connected with screws. (see Orchot Shabbat, 8:19-20, Shemirat Shabbat K'hilchata 24:28-29, and Comment #99, Peninei Halacha Harchavot to 'Shabbat 15,3:8). 2. The bracha is ברוך אתה ה' אלקינו מלך העולם שחלק מחכמתו ליראיו Some poskim say that today we don't recite the bracha because there are no contemporary 'talmidei chachamim' on such a high level that would justify saying it (Chesed L'aalafim). Others say that it's hard to judge who is a big enough talmid chacham in order to say it. Therefore, many people simply do not say it (aruch hashulchan, 24;6 . Another explanation is that the rabbis would be aggravated to hear people making this bracha over them (ben ish chai, ekev,13). However, the bottom line 'Halacha lemaase' is that one should, in fact, say the bracha. This is the majority opinion of the great poskim, and was mentioned in the Shulchan Aruch and Mishna Berura without any disagreement. (See Chazon Ovadia, Hilchot Brachot, page 405-407). I think that one should only say this bracha when seeing the top Torah scholars in the generation. These would be the great Rabbanim that are frequently asked questions by many leading Rabbanim and are clearly relied upon and admired by them. See more in Chazon Ovadia and Peninei Halacha Harchavot to Brachot, 15:18). All the best!
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