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Standing up for certain sections


Rabbi David Sperling

Iyyar 22, 5772
As a follow up for "Respect for Torah Reading", as time goes by, we discover that some of our minhagim do not have real basis in halacha, and can be improved or even stopped if need be. Is standing up (and then sitting down) for the ten commandments and shirat hayam, in the middle of their aliyot a worthy ’mitzva’ to keep practicing? Would it be disrespectful if we stopped? The baal koreh nonetheless gives respect by changing to ’high’ taamim. The standing up and sitting down, including the gabai slapping his hand loudly on the bima for people to wake up, sorry, get up, could be avoided if perhaps we stood up for the whole aliyah like sons do for their fathers (the rabbi who an important person in the community usually gets the aliyah) I think that this would increase respect for the Torah reading.
Shalom, As you are aware there are various customs about standing up for these sections of the Torah reading. I was glad to hear that in your community you honor the Rabbi with these aliyot - which is certainly the correct thing to do. May I suggest that in this question - and all questions of your synagogue protocol - you turn to him. More important than an individual ruling on these type of questions is the unity of the congregation, and the honor of it's Rabbi. Please write back to us with your Rabbi's ruling, as I'm sure others would like to find out what he says. Blessings.
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