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Minian for Wedding


Rabbi Moshe Leib Halberstadt

Tammuz 22, 5772
Hi, Shalom! My question is does halacha require a minian for the wedding? Thanks, Dayana
For the actual act of Kiddushin it is necessary to have two kosher witnesses (Hanisuin Kehilchatam 8, 1, and note 1). It is important to note that a rabbi must be present during a Kiddushin ceremony (according to the authorities quoted by the Ketzot Hachoshen 52, D"H Umatzati). The blessing of Eirusin recited under the Chuppah (wedding canopy) must be said Lechatchilah (at the preferred Halachic standard) in the presence of a Minyan. Birchot Nisuin (marriage blessings) – the seven blessings also recited under the Chuppah cannot be said in the presence of less than ten men. So practically speaking, it is necessary to have a Minyan to perform a marriage. A country which does not have ten Jewish men; some authorities opine that one should not perform a marriage there. Many others say that one can perform the marriage without the marriage blessings, and when it will occur in the future that they will be in the presence of ten men, the men will recite for them the marriage blessings (Hanisuin Kehilchatam 10, 44-52).
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