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Rabbi Daniel Kirsch

Tammuz 19, 5781
can we eat fish and chese? if some minhags do what are these minhags do and what not? why? if chese made from goat and other animals still not allowed to eat with meat and fish or there are some options? can we mix fish and cocoa milk or chestnut or nut soy milk and meat ?
Shalom U'vracha, Meat and Fish Together In the Gemara in Mesechet Peshachim (76:), it says that it is forbidden to eat meat that was cooked with fish because it can cause 'tzaraat', and a bad smell. This is the basis for the halacha brought down in the Shulchan Aruch (Yoreh Deah 116:2). The Magen Avraham (1637-1682) wrote that today we don't see people becoming sick from eating fish and meat together. He surmises that it is possible that nature has changed in this area. The Mishna Berura (Rav Yisrael Meir Kagan, the author of the Chofetz Chaim) quoted the Magen Avraham on this topic (Orech Chaim-173). The minhag (custom) among most Jews today continues in the tradition of not eating fish and meat together and this seems to be proper. However, if someone wants to rely on the ‘svara’ mentioned by the Magen Avraham and eat fish and meat together he may do so. (see Devar Chevron, Yore Deah 115, and Peninei Halacha: Kashrut 36:4). Milk and Fish The author of the Shulchan Aruch wrote in his book "Bet Yosef" (Yoreh Deah 87) that one should not consume milk and fish together. The Rema, the leading codifier of Halacha for the Askenazim, said that there is no source for that in the Gemara and Rav Yosef Karo meant to write that meat and fish together is forbidden, not milk and fish(darkei moshe 87;4) . Other great poskim agreed with him. Therefore, Ashkenazim may eat fish and milk together. Other poskim disagreed with the Rema and contend that Rav Karo did indeed mean to say that milk and fish are forbidden. Some of the great Sefardic poskim held by this opinion while other Sefardic poskim permitted it. (see the different opinions in Yechave Daat 6:48). Some say that today there is certainly no health danger to eat fish and milk together and all sectors of Jewry, Sefardim and Ashkenazim, may eat milk and fish (see Devar Chevron 117, Penenei Halacha 36:5). There is no distinction between goat milk and cow milk. There is also no objection in eating fish with soy milk as soy milk is not considered an authentic milk. To sum it up--most Jews do not eat fish together with meat and this is the proper minhag. However, if you want to rely on some poskim who do permit it, you may. Ashkenazim may eat fish together with milk. Among Sefardim – some leading poskim permit it and some do not.
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