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Chuppah witness

Rabbi Yoel LiebermanIyyar 18, 5781
Can an employee be a witness under the chuppah at the marriage of his employer?
ב"ה Shalom There is extensive discussion about issue among contemporary Rabbanim and some are stringent and say it is not allowed to have an employee be a witness. The reason being that since the witness receives a salary from his employer, the Chatan, he cannot be objective about his testimony and t therefore this disqualifies him as a witness. On the hand, others claim that he is just being a friend which does not disqualify him. Therefore, the Mesader Kiddushin, the Rabbi who conducts the Chuppa should be consulted and give the final word on the matter. See: ר הפוסקים סי' מ"ב ס"ק י"ז, שדי חמד חלק ה' בדברי חכמים סי' ע"ג,) תשבות והנהגות כרך א סימן תשמ"ז, כרך א תשנ"ו) All the best
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