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What is my personal purpose or "Tikun" in life?


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Iyyar 1, 5781
Is there any way 4 us to know what a persons individual purpose in the world is? Such a shame if I miss it. I really dont want to have to come back again. Ty I am sorry 4 such a question, but i feel VERY disturbed.
Our sages teach us that when a person feels a natural affinity towards a certain ideal or mitzvah- that is surely part of his purpose in this world. Conversely the opposite, if there are particular mitzvot that one finds especially challenging, that's also a sign that it's part of your "tikun" (what you are here to fix). Common examples are: speaking good- not bad- about people, modesty in dress and action, making Aliya to Israel, all of which in our generation are especially "on the agenda", because of social media, pornography, immodest fashions and being that finally, Jews can once again return to live in the Land of Israel. These are clearly among the challenges of each individual in our generation. They are mitzvot which were always difficult in the past as well and many, if not most people failed them. But today, in order to fix them, the stakes are greater then ever on these topics, to either fall deeper than ever, or to finally fix them by rising to unprecedented heights of positive speech, family life and love of Zion! Ari Shvat
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