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Friend is interested in Christianity


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Nisan 30, 5781
I have a friend who is becoming interested in Christianity. What is the Jewish take on it?
Regarding Christianity for gentiles, we are very tolerant, and don't argue with them, but rather let them believe what they wish. We expect the same democratic courtesy from them as well, to leave us alone and not missionize to try and convert Jews (which for many of them is "problematic"). On the other hand, if you find a Jew who is becoming confused on the issue, simply ask him: exactly which of the messianic prophecies did J-sus supposedly fulfill (peace, gathering the exiles, reviving the Jewish Independent State, defending the Jews militarily, extraordinary knowledge of Torah, etc. etc.)? The answer: not even one, so there really is no reason whatsoever for us to take him seriously. If even the rabbis of his time weren't impressed by him, and they knew him personally and saw him negatively- then how much more so, we shouldn't be impressed by him either. In addition, the Christians have a long history of intolerance towards Jews, something most people, and especially Jews, would see very negatively. Again, if your friend is Jewish, suggest that he first check out his own heritage and religion, for we've been around longer than the others, and their beliefs are actually based upon the Jewish revelation at Sinai and the Jewish prophets, so why settle for second-hand and much later beliefs? It makes more sense to go back to the original!
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