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kosherization kitchenaid mixer


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Iyyar 2, 5781
Dear Rabbis I hope all is well. Ive bought a 2nd hand kitchenaid stand mixer off an elderly nonjewish woman at a bargain price. She says shes only used it twice within the past 2 years, and according to my judgment after looking at the machine and its attachments, shes probably right - it looks basically unused, no scratches no stains etc. The mixing bowl is stainless steel. The dough hook and flat beater are made of aluminium - "coated with a white food-grade polyester-based powder coating". A type of strong nylon coating for in order the dough mix shouldnt get stuck on the hooks. The white coating is as hard as any metal. My question is how to best kosherize the bowl and the attachments. Bowl stainless steel, probably blow torch plus hagalah? How about the attachments? How about other parts of the machine which are not coming into contact with foods? like knobs and switches etc? Many many many thanks. Kind regards Mark
ב"ה Shalom Only parts that come in contact with food have to be made kosher. Knobs and switches only need to be cleaned well. The koshering process should be done by immersing the parts in boiling water which is bubbling and then promptly removing them and rinsing with cold water. The mixing bowl should be made kosher the same way. All the best Happy Yom Atzma'ut
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