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Questions about Jewish view of G-D from a curious passer-by


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Nisan 29, 5781
I am a non-believer who has recently had what might be termed "religious experiences" that are making me reconsider my beliefs. I wish to ask questions of many religious elders in various communities, and was curious about the traditional Orthodox Jewish view of G-d and in particular the nature of the Kabbalic Sepirot in relation to Christian claims about the Holy Trinity. Is Kabbalah "kosher" within the viewpoint of an ultra-orthodox Jewish perspective? And if not, what is the traditional view of the Hebrew G-d? Also, please send me your fastest and sharpest curveballs in order to test the Christians, what specifically do you find the most egregious about their messianic claims in general?
I will try and answer your broad questions concisely, as warranted by this site. Yes Kabbala is Kosher, but one must be very careful to learn it from a true kabbalists who received this ancient secret tradition properly, and not from all those "commercial" kabbalists, many of whom aren't even religious (as is clear from their websites)! The Hebrew God is perfect, and we can't understand Him, but rather His ways, as outlined in the Torah and mitzvot. Regarding Christianity, we are very tolerant, and don't argue with them, but rather let them believe what they wish. We expect the same democratic courtesy from them as well, to leave us alone and not missionize to try and convert Jews. If you find a Jew who is confused on the issue, just ask him exactly which of the messianic prophecies did Yeshu fulfill (peace, gathering the exiles, reviving the Jewish Independent State, defending the Jews in war, etc. etc.)? The answer: not one, so there really is no reason for us to take him seriously. If the rabbis of his time weren't impressed by him, and they knew him personally and saw him negatively- then it makes total sense that how much more so, we shouldn't be impressed by him either.
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