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Bible- would G-d exchange His People


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Iyyar 11, 5772
Would G-d change up his covenant for another nation. G-d Bless
Shalom John, No, there are countless verses which say explicitly that G-d has an eternal covenant with Israel. See for example, Gen. 17, 7; ibid, 19; Jer. 31; ibid 32; Ezek. 16, 60; Psl. 105, 10 et al. How much more so after we have witnessed the revival of the Jewish Nation and State, the Holy Language, the Holy army, and Holy land only 3 short years after the Holocaust, the lowest point in Jewish (and human) history, one has to be blind or consciously in denial, not to see that G-d hasn’t, forbid, left His people of Israel!
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