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gematriyot- number cycles and equations


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Iyyar 10, 5772
I could nto go back to my original question from the email link.... Thank you Rabbi for the response. I have read some not much about the ones you mention kabbalists. But that has never been my intention to follow. I completely agree about the numbers I gave about non-Jewish article. I apologize. But when the occurence happens over and over. If you please go to google earth to Temple Mount. The entrance elevation is 2442. Close to Exodus. But If you look at the lexicon for Jerusalem the number is 3531. add the mirror image of that number to it. 3531 + 1353 = 4884. Divide by 2 is 2442. Or if you take the strong concordance number 3389 for Jeruslaem and do the same is 3389 + 9833 = 13,222. Then 13 * 222 = 2886. Multiply by 2 is 5772. So is thisjust a number I want to come up with? But seeing this cycle in everything in Bible because there is much more than above. And that is my intentions from my question. Certain cycles that may be relevant or hidden in other writings. I feel the cycles of G-d has much to do with his prophecies and new Temple. P.S One other number if you please. Again the number for Jerusalem was 4884 above. Add 888 and we get to 5772. So again only looking for this unique cycle that is tying together to words. God Bless
Shalom John, Once again, these type of equations really don't interest Judaism, especially since there is no holiness in the metric system, nor the Gregorian calendar, etc. Judaism is a rational religion, and even our mysticism is very logical, for those who understand. Although I admire your desire to dedicate your time to religion, and to proving the Higher Power and Divine Providence, I would suggest spending that time on studying the Bible, volunteering or doing any other G-dly act, rather than trying to find equations which are probably coincidental, unless based upon ancient traditions. All the best, With Love of Israel, Rav Ari Shvat
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