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Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Nisan 4, 5781
Question for an ashkenazi, if they made blondies yesterday and a little of the flour that they used was left over from a pizza dough that I made, the bracha is still mezonot right? The consistency of the cake still looks like blondies. Was a bit of dough,mostly flour.
ב"ה Shalom, It seems that the assumption to the question is, that the Bracha on pizza is Hamotzi, and now that you've mixed some pizza dough with cake, you are concerned that perhaps the cake, in this case the blondies have now become Hamotzi. So first let's start with pizza, if the pizza dough is like regular bread dough, then indeed the Bracha is Hamotzi, even though there is cheese and tomato sauce on it. However, if the pizza dough is made with milk or with eggs, its bracha would be Mezonot. However, if one makes a meal of the pizza, meaning more than one slice is eaten, then its Bracha is Hamotzi. Now, getting back to the blondies. Since their Bracha is Mezonot, when a small piece of pizza dough is mixed in, the Bracha remains mezonot, as you correctly said. All the best
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