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Art teacher problem, megilla

Rabbi Ari ShvatAdar 6, 5781
Hi Is hearing the megilla on purim over zoom ok? Also, Im an art teacher and my boy student just sent me a picture of what wants next to learn to draw with me. How do I explain to him that its not appropriate? what he wants to draw is a man, body builder style, thats basically not dressed. If I just say"i cant do that with you, its not appropriate" then hes just going to do it on his own. But Id like to explain in a way that he might consider refraining even on his own. Thank you
In normal cases, one cannot hear the megilla over Zoom, but if one has Corona or is in quarantine and can't read it from a kosher megilla (or have someone do so for him/her), then he can rely on the lenient opinions who allow it when transmitted live, in such cases. Regarding a man drawing a scantily clad man, it's not the best thing to do, but there is room to be lenient, if need be, and there's no need not to help him.
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