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Im a christian, but I have a mezuzah

Rabbi David SperlingShevat 8, 5781
I have read your reply to a christian question regarding mezuzah, and now I understand. I am also want to respect and support Jewish people/Israel, but now I have a mezuzah in my home and I think it is not allowed. I have bought it in the Holy Land to show my love to Israel. So, please give your advise Rabbi, what should I do to my Mezuzah? Toda.
Shalom, Thank you for your question. It brings me much pleasure to read your kind and caring words. May you be blessed with the blessings of Israel – and may your love for Israel bring you only good, and increase Shalom in the world. As to the mezuzah – perhaps the best thing would be for you to take it to a local Orthodox Rabbi, and ask him to take it from you. I do not know where you live, but in most places in the world you can find a Chabad Lubavitch center, where I am sure the Rabbi would be more than happy to help you. Again – only blessings.
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