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Minyan, who counts?


Rabbi David Sperling

Iyyar 11, 5772
I moved from a big city to a small one, where the orthodox minyan has 10 to 12 male adults assisting daily. As time went by, I realized that three of the daily minyaners are living publicly, with non-Jewish ladies and two where converted locally, and they don’t keep Sabbath. Since, sometimes when there are no mourners, I said instead of them Kaddish, (I am the only one without father and mother). I am wondering if: 1.- I should say Kaddish and 2.- If I should better pray by my self daily, and go there only for sabbath, where because of the increased assistance there are more than ten Jews, or just not go at all. P. D. the other Synagogues are Conservative and Reform which I am not.
Shalom, The delicate nature of counting or not counting people for a minyan, with all the associated potential for arguments and perhaps people being distanced from the synagogue, warrants a balanced answer to your question, which takes into account the particular situation in which your community finds itself. This being so, I can only urge you to turn to the local Rabbi, if the synagogue has one. If not, then turn to a rabbi of the closest town, as they will also be more familiar with your particular case. May you be blessed to continue to serve your community with faith and love.
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