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Are Muslims Noahides?


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Shevat 6, 5781
To my understanding, Islam is not Avodah Zara. However, does that mean that Muslims are considered Noahides? They dont seem to believe in the infallibility of the Torah and consider it to have been corrupted over time. Is one of the prerequisites to be considered a Noahide to believe the Torah was revealed from G-d and is unchanged? If not, what are all the prerequisites to be considered a Noahide?
Judaism considers Islam as monotheistic, that they believe in the one and only God, which is obviously the same “one and only God”. So the God is the same, but some of their teachings are very very different! The major difference is that Judaism believes strongly in peace, freedom and tolerance, and is very much against even philosophically convincing anyone to accept Judaism. We have no interest whatsoever for any Moslem or Christian to be Jewish, and actually try convincing them not to do so! On the other hand, much of the world suffers from the Islamic ideal of having the entire world become Moslem, and their terror or holy war (Jihad), similar to the primitive Christian crusades, are very much against the Jewish ideology of freedom, tolerance and peace, not to mention contradict logic and morality. Murder is a gross transgression against one of the 7 Noachide laws and the Ten Commandments, so ironically, what should be the easiest, for some of them is the most difficult. Accordingly, you are apparently asking regarding anti-violent Moslems, and there are 2 levels. One who observes the Seven out of logic and conscience is considered a "Chacham" (wise person), while one who accepts them also because they are commanded in God's Eternal Torah given to Israel at Sinai, is on a higher level, that of: "Hassid" (righteous). The prerequisites are observing the seven Noachide commandments (adultery, idolatry, murder, not eating flesh taken from a live animal, not cursing God, stealing, and making sure there is a justice system in your locale), in all of their details (which can be found easily on the internet).
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