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קטגוריה משנית
If a person is learning in a room where there is an active minyan, is he exempt from saying amen by kaddish, saying kedusha, standing when a torah is removed or returned to ark? The situation is in a shul with a balcony/ezras nashim where you can hear the baal tefilah. The balcony is used for social distancing during the magefah and some chaburahs are active in balcony.
There is a difference of opinion on the issue, and it seems that at least kedusha should be answered (Tfila k'Hilch'ta 13, 50), although there are those that would allow to continue learning even regarding keshudah (Sha'arim Mitzuyanim baHalacha 20, 1). Being that you are on the balcony in a different reshut (domain), you need not stand when the Torah is taken out and how much more so when the ark is open (for that's in an even different reshut!).
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