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Rabbi David SperlingTevet 10, 5781
Ok thank you! Two more questions for him: 1) his father passed away on a Shabbat morning. is he correct that the shloshim period ends on a shabbos or is it Sun night? because he is thinking it ends with the end of shabbos but the mishnayos they are learning in the merit of his father says through the end of Sun. 2) if he cannot make it to shul with his son for his sons bar mitzvah, does he say the beracha relieving him of his responsibility for him or does he need to do that in a minyan?
Shalom, Thank you for your questions. To determine the 30th day one counts from the day of the burial. So if the burial took place on a Sunday, the 30th day will be a Monday. The mourning of the shloshim ends after sunrise of the 30th day (Monday morning in our example). As to saying the bracha of Baruch ShePatrani – I’m not sure I understand your question. Why should the farther not get to shule with his son for his bar mitzvah? A person during the shloshim can certainly attend a bar mitzvah tefillah service. Blessings.
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