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The Shechinah- created or God Himself?


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Tevet 9, 5781
Is it true that the Rambam and Ramban differed regarding the Shekinah? Did the Rambam believe the Shekinah was a creation of G-d and did the Ramban believe that Shekinah was G-d or part of G-d? Is there a valid difference of opinion?
To be more exact, the Rambam (Guide for Perplexed I, 64) writes that sometimes (!) the Kavod or Shechina was a light created by God to represent Him (as inferred in Shmot 24, 7 and 40, 35, the kabbalistic sphere of Malchut), while in other places it refers to God Himself (ibid, 33, 18-20). The Ramban (on Breishit 46, 1) disagrees strongly with the first possibility. Both of them are giants in Jewish thought and totally valid opinions.
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