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Do I have a place in the Jewish world?

Rabbi Yoel LiebermanTevet 3, 5781
Dear Rabbi, I love researching my family history, and recently found out that I have a 7th great-grandfather who is “fully” Jewish (i.e. his parents were both non-convert Jews). My ancestor was a Sephardic Jew who lived in England during the 18th century. As far as I know, I have no other Jewish ancestry. I know it is a very distant relation. It is probably laughable for me to even wonder whether I have a place in the Jewish world. Judaism has never had an influence on my life, but this discovery has made me question my identity, and where I fit in, if at all, in the Jewish world. I would like your opinion on whether or not I have a place in the Jewish world. Have a Happy Hanukkah,
ב"ה Shalom, Thank you for your Chanukah wishes and the best to you too. I will try to make this short and to the point . Though as you specified, genealogically you have Jewish roots going some generations back, this does not make you Jewish today, if you were not born from a Jewish mother. If you wish to pursue a place in the Jewish world, this is a decision you have to make. One who decides to convert to Judaism is fully embraced by the Jewish people. All the best
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