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קטגוריה משנית
I am renting an apartment [in E. Yisroel]. My landlord’s father is in charge of collecting the utilities as the water and electric meters are in his name. I live alone in a relatively small apartment. As the RAV probably knows, there are two numbers used to pay for water utilities. The smaller, first number is for calculating smaller water usage. I am well within the limits of this category. The second, higher number is used to calculate large amounts of water usage. These numbers are used to convert cubic meters of water into shekels. Even though I use a minimal amount of water, my landlord’s father claims that the water company is charging him based on the higher number for the water I use in my apartment. Therefore, he is collecting utilities based on the higher number. Is it fair that this man is taking more money from even though I am using water within the limits of the smaller, first number?
You are right. He cannot charge you the higher water rate unless you agreed to it in your rental contract. The water agency gives an allowance of water at a reduced rate, per each person living in the house. Therefore, you should be registered in this address and pay the reduced rate accordingly. If he doesn't come to terms with you, ask him to go with you to a local Rabbi or Rabbinical judge.
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